Unforgotten Song

“Comfort Women” Multimedia Collaborations

Slosberg Recital Hall at Brandeis University, Boston (2019)

Center for Remembering & Sharing, Asian American/Asian Research Institute, CUNY, NYC (2021)

Video Art: Chang-Jin Lee
Music: gamin
(Korean Piri & Saenghwang), The Lydian String Quartet, Adam Robinson (Japanese Shakuhachi), KiYoung Kim, Yoon-Ji Lee

The video art consists of the “comfort women” survivors and the soldier’s testimonies, the women’s favorite traditional songs, former military comfort stations in China and Indonesia (including “Dai Salon,” the first comfort station ever in Asia, established in 1932), photos of the women and their homes, and B&W abstract drawings.

Slosberg Recital Hall at Brandeis University, Boston, 2019 (5min)

Center for Remembering & Sharing, NYC, 2021 (5min)
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