In front of the “Homeland Security Garden” maze, is an open topped plexiglas box on top of an astroturf covered pedestal. Inside the box are thousands of small rolled up pieces of paper, with notes written inside them. These are available to the public for the taking. They are a written collection of the participants’ thoughts about emergency, safety and security.

The “Bujuk” is a based on Korean Buddhism and shamanism. “Bujuk” traditionally is a piece of paper for bringing good luck and getting rid of bad luck. People carry it or keep it in their homes for protection, fortune and safety. It is also similar to the idea of people taking a fortune or writing a wish at Chinese Buddhist Temples and Japanese Shrines. Viewers are welcome to take a “Bujuk” with them as they leave. These rolls of paper, written in many different languages, convey the participants’ feelings and thoughts, as well as, hopes and wishes for security and safety.

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